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Launch Date: October 2015

Theme: Meme-ting!

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The Colorado Springs Officers


ErinOfficerOrigin Story: ‘Allo! My name is Erin and I’m a geek. I moved to CO in 2008 and found the Cosplay/Convention tribe I’d been missing my entire life. Cosplay is one of my biggest passions: it requires engineering, art and I can work on it with my husband (whom I met at Starfest)! When I’m not doting on my husband, working as a web designer, crafting some project or another, hosting panels at conventions or playing board games, I am snuggling two furchildren, Inara and Saffron.

Top Geek 10: (In no particular order) Doctor Who, Avengers, Norse Mythology, Agent Carter, Lego, Batman, light up props, LotR, Firefly, Board Games

Brunch Drink: Pomegranate Mimosa, Iced Mexican Chocolate Mocha

Geeky Boyfriend: Casper, Thor




Origin Story: Hey there! Name’s Edith and have been in Colorado Springs my entire life but I absolutely love traveling. By day, I’m an engineer and by night, I let my geek out through video games, books, and the occasional exercise with my kids (both four-legged and two). When I find the free time, I let my creative side out through quilling and writing. You’ll also find I’m a very extroverted geek so don’t mind me if I invite you to all of our events or crack a joke just to make you smile.

Top Geek 10: Tetris, Scuba Diving, Escape Rooms, Puzzles, anything space, anything ocean, LEGOs, board games, My Little Pony (apparently I’m Pinkie Pie), Pinball

Brunch Drink: Irish Coffee, Baileys and Coffee, Hot Chocolate w/Cinnamon

Geeky Boyfriend: Benedict Cumberbatch

Follow: GalacticWolfCreations


12195896_10153364200474139_851565767835686864_nOrigin Story: Konichiwa! *salute* i am an otaku/geek, obviously. grew up in the springs, and now i’m back. i did a stint in the military (was in the IT field for 10yrs) but i’m an artist at heart.  i dabble in most things creative actually including digital art/photography, design, crafting, sewing, sculpting, painting, and so on. i am also a bit of an internet-aholic…. *shrugs* i married my high school sweet-heart and have 4 fur babies (3 corgis; link, zelda, and dante, and a cat, navi). i speak japanese and love all things geek!

Top Geek 10: (in no particular order) supernatural, sailor moon, Disney!, GoT, pokemon, the walking dead, skyrim, the last unicorn, harry potter, firefly, MLP, okami, kingdom hearts, cowboy bebop, chobits, …wait that’s more than 10

Brunch Drink: wine/coffee

Geeky Boyfriend: dean/cas (destiel girl), daryl, ichigo, vash, inuyasha, heero yui, link

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