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Meet the Cincinnati Officers


Kari lives near Cincinnati, Ohio and has been a member of Geek Girl Brunch Cincinnati since the beginning. She loves reading and is a huge fan of all things Harry Potter. For years, she’s been a fan of ghost hunting shows such as Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters – she has even had a ghost encounter at the Ft. Thomas Armory! She has a BA in History and used to work at the Cincinnati Museum Center, which she loved!

Geeky Loves: Harry Potter (Slytherin), BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Ghost Adventures (and other ghost hunting shows), The Flash, and all things books!

Brunch Drink: Not much of a drinker! 


Lauren lives right outside Cincinnati and has grown up surrounded by books. When it comes to fandoms, her first and longest held would be Harry Potter. She truly grew up with those books and then the movies and boasts a proud collection of HP memorabilia! As she grew up, she added more geeky and nerdy fandoms to her collection – from Harley Quinn, to Watchmen, to Doctor Who, and even the BBC Sherlock! She loves attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo every year and would love to make it to THE Comic Con in California some year. She holds a BA in English Literature and MSLS in Library Science, which just goes to show how much she really does love reading. Along with this, she run a lifestyle/entertainment blog: Shooting Stars Mag. 

Geeky Loves: The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Watchmen, Doctor Who (9 and 10 are favorites), Harry Potter, BBC Sherlock (love their version of Moriarty), anything related to author Oscar Wilde, and so much more!

Brunch Drink: I don’t drink alcohol, so can I say a flavored lemonade? Or a virgin strawberry daiquiri!