I’m a crafter and movie lover. I get behind on tv shows, but I’ll catch up eventually.  Current favorites are iZombie, the Marvel shows on Netflix, and quite a bit of English shows.  I attend between 5-10 comic/fan conventions per year from San Diego to San Jose.

Someday I’ll travel farther. Oh, if I could just win the lotto to travel and do whatever I want.  I used to see a movie in a theater 3-4 times a week, but life and craft projects have gotten in the way of that…temporarily.

Additional Communities/Projects: I’m a geek and fandom blogger previously on and now starting

Life Mantra: I’m tired. I should really sleep.

Geeky Loves: Star Wars, Marvel movies, Godzilla, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and so much more!

Brunch Drink: Iced Tea or soda. I’m not much of a drinker