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The Berlin Officers


Growing up within sight of the Black Forest this little geek sapling took a while to thrive. After decades of daring to enter comic book shops without male guidance, she accumulated a remarkable comic collection. Working in the bookselling business also helped a lot with broadening her geeky horizon. A diverse taste in film and TV series and some mild gaming experience sort of completes the picture. Times changed and now she indulges the amenities of Berlin, the modern days of binge watching on Netflix and Amazon and the joy of passing on the geek virus to her offspring.

Geeky Top Tenish: OMG only ten? The Expanse, StarTrek, StarWars, Doctor Who, Philip K. Dick and Studio Ghibli stuff in general, Alien (Ripley, you are my hero), The Leftovers, and a lot more. Comiclove: Saga, Paper Girls, Deadpool, Fables, I hate Fairyland, ….

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Lydia Frank, Office GGB Berlin

As a native “Berliner” I’m really proud to help make the GGB a great and funfull event.

I’m more likely to gaming, and so studied game and interaction design after my apprenticeship as a florist.

When it comes to the geeky side of life its the old things, Sabre Raider, Bugs Bunny, Loney Tunes, Turtles and the whole Disney universe, espacialy Ariel.

My favorite books are the art books from Studio Ghibli, Kiki kicks it ;o)
The first games i’ve played on a C64 where Great Giana Sisters and frogger, ancient times, I know.

I’ve traveled japan this year and had 23 kg excess baggage with only toys, the whole Ghibli store, and all the other “nippes” around anime/manga.
I’m heavily in love with detective Conan Edogawa 名探偵コナン   <3

On the non geeky side of my life I like the English detective stories, Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Linley, Inspector Barneby; and also Columbo, “Murder, She Wrote”, ….