Ugly Sweater/Mug Swap: GGB Baltimore goes Holiday

Ugly Sweater/Mug Swap: GGB Baltimore goes Holiday

It was an extremely blustery and cold (to levels over 9000!) day when the brunchettes ventured to downtown Baltimore for our very first Ugly Sweater/Mug and Cookie Recipe swap. It was a modest turn out for the day, but with it being so close to our previous brunch and with the holidays just around the corner it was to be expected, but we still had fun with the small group that turned out. We first made our way to Lost City Diner, a small, yet awesome 50’s Sci-Fi themed restaurant, but that morning would not be the day that we would enjoy brunch with them. While we were waiting to go inside, one of the waitresses came out and informed us that they had a horrible plumbing leak and that they didn’t know when they would reopen that day.


Being the resourceful brunchettes that we were, and the fact that we were in downtown Baltimore on a Saturday morning, on Charles St no less, there were no shortages of places to go for a bite. We officers had already planned some places to go earlier in the day for upcoming events and we settled on going to an amazing Asian-fusion restaurant called X-S. Yes you read that correct, Asian-fusion restaurant, you can go to this amazing little place and get sushi and then turn around and get waffles and the like as well. When we first arrived after about a 5-10 minute walk from Lost City, we were told that because two of their large groups had not shown up for their reservations they were able to seat our moderately sized group and their attitudes about us showing up pretty much out of the blue were nothing short of professional and kind.


Once we were seated and given their specials menu, which almost all the brunchettes ordered off of since they had the most amazing Apple Jack French Toast deal. As we were talking about our different nerdy sweaters, some went traditional while others went nerdy, our waitress heard us talking about Harry Potter and got quite excited and even joined our conversation! It really shows that you can find new brunchettes wherever you go. After a delicious meal, we did a white elephant type gift exchange with our mugs with only one person stealing, yes we were all boring and content with our mugs but it was still fun.

So ended our December brunch and we officers here at GGB Baltimore hope everyone has an amazing holiday month and we will see everyone in the new year at Lost City Diner (take 2!) for our Sci-Fi Extravaganza on January 22!

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