The Fashion Icons of Star Wars

The Fashion Icons of Star Wars



Demna Gvasalia’s Jedi inspired line

Star Wars is a franchise whose licensing and merchandising knows no bounds. But while you or someone you know cosplays or owns a Star Wars t-shirt, mug, underwear… we’re going to take a closer look at how the costumes and iconic character designs of yesterday left an impression on the designers of today.  This is how a legacy inspired creativity and manifested itself on the runway (And sometimes from less predictable places)


Harrison Ford wears the same outfit for three flicks, and I was complaining that I wear, like, six outfits. And my mother – Natalie Portman – she wears three million. She walks through a doorway and there’s another outfit. It’s like the Liberace of sci-fi changing of clothes.”

-Carrie Fischer

(commentary to Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Special Edition (DVD, 20th Century Fox, 2005).)



Actual YSL campaign image for a Padme inspired make-up line

Being of generation x, Episode 1 was the first Star Wars film I’d seen in theaters. I was instantly hooked because OMG PADME’S OUTFITS!!! Oh yeah, and she was a smart young woman in a position of power. But also, a wardrobe worthy of it’s own museum exhibition.

Padme_amidala03_800 mary katranzou ss13 LC1013 photo-2





Who doesn’t want to be a princess? Better still, who doesn’t want to be a gun wielding bad-ass princess that gets to show off her sweet and sexy side? Damsel in distress this isn’t.



Carolina Herrera



Alexander McQueen



What is it about the dark side that’s so alluring? Are we drawn to the initial mystery of the man behind the kabuto inspired helmet? Or the easy to copy head-to-toe black that is the uniform of the average New Yorker?

darth_vader_by_iartbilly-d66srlx garethpugh-ss12-darth

Rick Owens

Moncler Gamme Bleu SS 2012 00310fullscreen


Thom Browne x Moncler Gamme Blu (note the Storm Trooper inspired fencers in back) ,  Balenciaga, Preen, Cres. E Dim



See? Fashion found him far more interesting when he too embraced black.

epvi 00330m 00030m les_hommesMF1008-299x449

Rick Owens, Les Hommes

Les Hommes

and while we’re here….



384px-Darth_Maul 00030fullscreen


Viktor & Rolf, Gareth Pugh


Some other surprise muses….




This droid owes much of it’s signature look to Maria, from Metropolis. And while she has long influenced her fair share of designers and artists, there’s no disputing 3P0’s presence on the runway .



Rodarte, The Blonds, Balenciaga


and even….



“Star Wars fur, yeah I’m rockin’ Chewbacca” – Kanye West, “Guilt Trip”

Chewbacca-Fathead 00120fullscreen

Chanel (…. I know, right?!)


Have I left anyone out? What Star Wars characters have inspired you?

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